Responsible Gaming

Miami Valley Gaming & Racing, LLC (“Miami Valley”) is committed to providing an exciting and entertaining atmosphere for all guests. While we recognize that the overwhelming majority of guests participate in our various forms of entertainment and amenities in a responsible manner, there are small percentages that do not.

Miami Valley feels we have a moral, social and business responsibility to actively promote responsible gaming. We use a variety of approaches in our efforts to curtail compulsive activities, such as self-exclusion programs, providing of educational materials on problem gaming and access to resources to for our guests.

The Warning Signs:

It is often difficult to tell when someone has a gaming problem, because there are no physical signs or test available as there are for other forms of illness. Please review the following considerations:

  • You have often gamed longer than you had planned.
  • You have often gamed until your last dollar was spent.
  • You have lied about how much time or money you have spent gaming.
  • You have used money to game rather than pay bills.
  • You have borrowed money to finance your gaming.
  • You are restless or irritable when not gaming.
  • You leave minors or pets unattended in your vehicle while playing

The good news is that problem and compulsive gaming is a recognized and treatable illness.

Self-exclusion measures are available.
For more information, contact Miami Valley Gaming security at 513-934-7366

If you or someone you know should need help with a gambling problem, it is available 24 hours a day. Please contact the Ohio Problem Gambling Helpline (1-800-589-9966) or visit Ready to take a break from gambling? Visit to learn how.